Sample Invitation Letter for Australia Tourist Visa 676

When planing to visit friends or family in Australia you may need a travel visa depending on what country you are from. If you are reading this page, I assume you already know that you need a visa, or you already know that your guest would need a Tourist visa subclass 676. One of the documents that is usually required is an invitation letter from the host. There is no hard and fast rule about writing an invitation letter for visa purpose. It should be formatted like any other letter, however it need to contain all the relevant information about the host and the guest.

You may then wonder what this information should be. Before listing the information, it is necessary for the writer of the letter to understand that this letter is simply to support the claim of your guest that they are coming to Australia for what they have already (or will be stating) in the Visa Application Form. The visa officer want to know who the host is, who the guest is, when the vacation would start and end and how the guest will fund the vacation.

Generally, there are 2 types of letters of invitation for visa purposes. The one addressed to the Visa Officer or the one addressed to the guest. They are equally acceptable as long as they contain the required information. In many cases and in my opinion (especially when the guest is from a developing country) it is wise to notarize the document. However if this will be so much of a pain, then you can use the letter without notarizing it.


He is a sample invitation letter from a son in Australia inviting his mum to visit him. This letter is addressed directly to his mum.

Adam Mollus
39 Edgewater Drive,
Sydney, Australia. NSW2153

Dear Mum,

As a followup to our phone conversation, please take this as a formal invitation to visit me and my wife Lilly in Sydney. It’s been almost 6 years since I saw you and I am full of excitement that you will finally be able to meet all the people that have made my stay in Australia so beautiful. I can’t wait to hold my beloved mum in my hands again.

While you are here, I will be responsible for your accommodation, feeding and movement around Australia.

Here are the details of your trip:

Duration: June 4th – July 4th 201X
Accomodation – You will be staying with me and Lily at 39 Edgewater Drive, Sydney, Australia.

Here are your details for the Visa Application:
GUEST: Mrs Mary Mollus
Date of Birth: 15 June 1950
Passport Number: A0XXXXXXXX
ADDRESS: 123 Someplace street, Accra, Ghana.
Telephone: 1111111111

Host Details
Name: Adam Mollus
Occupation: Nurse at Sydney General Hospital
Relationship – Mother
Citizineship – Australian
Tel: 111111667

Name: Lilly Mollus
Occupation: Teacher at Sydney High School
Citizineship – Australian
Tel: 111111667

I have attached copies of the Biodata pages of our passports and our rental agreement.
love you mum

Do not forget to sign the letter (it happens from time to time)


The Letter can be faxed, scanned and emailed or sent by regular mail. If you have enough time, I always suggest that you scan and send a scanned copy, then place the original in the mail.

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  1. istvan paulinsky
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    could you show me partner invitation for Thai woman to come to Australia. I am retired and own my home. Bank funds are over 100.000. I have no debts. Thank you

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