Sample Invitation letter from a British Citizen to invite Father to UK

As a British Citizen or anyone who has an eligible status in the UK, you are entitled to have a guest visit you from different parts of the world. Many students come to the UK to study from all over the world, these students often need to have their parent or other relatives visit them. Find below a sample invitation letter written by a Naturalized British Citizen who wants his father to visit him in the UK. Please take note that you can use the same format to invite a mother, uncle, brother, sister, grand parents. All you have to do is adjust the letter to reflect the different relationship. If your situation is different, simply state your case and let your guest present himself. In some cases you may mention something about your guest but that is not necessary. This letter is just a document that shows that your guest really has a reason to come to the UK.  The sample below is just one format for an invitation letter. There are very many other formats. You may choose to write the letter directly to your guest. In both cases however, it is your guest that you send the letter to.

204 Rye Lane,

12 Nov 2012

British High Commission
Upper Hill Road

Dear Sir/Madam

Application for Visit Visa: JAMES DONALD MARK – PASSPORT NO – 123456

I am writing to confirm that I Moses Kevin Mark am inviting Mr JAMES DONALD MARK to visit me in the UK.

Mr JAMES DONALD MARK is my father. His passport number is 123456 and his date of birth is 20 April 1945.

He is going to visit the UK from Feb 13 2013 and will be staying for 10 days. He would be leaving on Feb 23 2013.During his stay in Uk her will be staying with me and I will be responsible for his transportation in and around the UK.

I am a British Citizen with passport No – 234565. I currently work at British Airways and reside at 201 Rye Lane, Peckham. I have attached a copy of the Biodata page of my Passport and my tenency agreement.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Moses Kevin Mark

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